As a writer and photographer I travel between my life in Toronto, my life in Antigua, and anywhere else my wanderings may take me ... writing my books and enjoying local arts and adventures along the way.

Snorkeling in Antigua

For me snorkeling is one of the best things about a beach vacation in the Caribbean. The warm salt water is so buoyant that if you just relax and lay back you’ll float with no effort. With the bright water and gentle waves it could not easily be more enjoyable and relaxing. It’s like lying on top of a comforable see through bed or couch and very lazily watching all of the colourful little fish swim by in a great big HD screen below. This year I had the good fortune of being able to introduce my kids to snorkeling. So far they’re LOVING  it. But being right in the middle of the 2010 Antigua Carnival this week has lots of other good things about it as well. The kids loved the opening day parade. On a totally different track they also loved the opening of the brand new Epicurian grocery store. This shiny new store rivals top-end luxury supermarkets anywhere in the world. Going there was a social event where we must have seen have the entire island … no exaggeration given the large size of the store compared to the smallness of the island. The kids eye’s were completely bugged out with the huge array of goodies all around them and even though we only bought a few treats, something about the experience made us feel entertained by the time we left. After the visit my daughter Anisa counted the visit among the really cool things we got to do on that day, and concluded “this is the best day ever” in Antigua.

Jan Farara Art Exhibit at Al Porto

Especially since she’s one of the artists featured in my upcoming book “Amongst Artists in Antigua and Barbuda”, I was pleased to be able to attend Jan Farara’s art exhibit. Al Porto was a comfortably elegant setting for the exhibit, and as usual featured the well prepared food I’ve become accustomed to finding whenever I go there. Having picked up a few of those hors d’oeuvres we browsed the art works and chatted with the people we bumped into, including Jan herself as well as others we met. And you always meet the most interesting people at art exhibits. Having written about her I’ve come to recognize some elements of Jan’s style and having always appreciated that style I was pleased to have purchased one of Jan’s prints which we look forward to hanging.

But as with most affairs its sometimes the small things that make the occassion. This was no exception. One of the hors d’oeuvres served was a heart shaped pizza that immediately made Al Porto one of the kids favourite places on the island.

The Annual White Fete in Antigua

Having been busy working with my editor on my latest book “Amongst Artists in Antigua and Barbuda” as well as having been swamped with preparations to launch the new website for the Caribbean Media Arts Cooperative, I’ve been a little I’ve been a little lax in blogging the last few months. But last night I came out of my self imposed isolation in spectacular style at the White Fete in Antigua. And this party which also goe by the name the “Caribbean Snowstorm” was undeniably spectacular. The evening was already going strong when local Antiguan and international songstress Tizzy blazed onto the stage in a white hot catsuit and took the party well over the top. Think Puffy Party in the Hamptons but instead of not being able to relax because of the uncomfortable media spotlight from all the celebrities around, you have the added bonus of being in “do as you like” Antigua. Beginning to get the idea? If not don’t fret. Being the helpful type of fella that I am I’ve provided some pictures to help you form a mental image of what for everyone present was a truly great night.

Antigua Sailing Week 2010

Photos from my first Antigua Sailing Week.

Unretouched Antigua and Barbuda

Digital cameras are wonders these days. You can correct exposure and retouch photos in many other ways even before downloading them to a computer. But the natural wonder of Antigua is wonderful enough without any sharpening, color enhancement, or other retouching.   These photos straight from my camera are living proof.

Wall Over the Sea at Long Bay Beach

Long Bay is one of the most gentle beaches on the island with what feels like one of the most enjoyable water temperatures. Mind you the water temperature in Antigua doesn’t have much of a range … it goes from comfortable to extremely comfortable. I’ve heard old timers talk about days long past when they say this beach used to be in an even more natural state with more trees and mangroves. But it’s still post card beautiful.

The stone wall between the Long Bay Beach Bar and the beach has a sugar bird feeder suspended over it.

The stone wall between the Long Bay Beach Bar and the beach has a sugar bird feeder suspended over it.

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