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Treasure Island

Today we boarded a boat at Dickenson Bay right near Sandals resort to go out on a snorkelling day charter with Treasure Island tours. The snorkelling was at a gentle beach on a nearby smaller island rather than over a reef far offshore, so the kids were much less intimidated and by now felt like old pros at the snorkelling game.

Snorkelling on Mystic

Kids make friends wherever they go so. My daughter Anisa enjoyed our snorkelling cruise with some new friends she made. My son Eric and I of course enjoyed our time taking photos. Here, along with my own photographs, there are some in which Eric used my own camera to take a couple of photo of me and a couple with me and Anisa.

Eric Photos of Snorkelling on Mystic

Today we went on a snorkelling excursion run by Tropical Adventures Antigua during which we sailed on the catamaran Mystic. The kids weren’t strong swimmers so I had been taking them out to practice almost every day in preparation for this moment so they’d be comfortable and have a good time out on the water. Still it was a little scary for them when they jumped off the boat and could only see the bottom way below them, but afterwards they were really proud of themselves for having done it. In fact this became one of the adventures they remembered the most of this trip to Antigua and Barbuda. These are my son Eric’s pictures from the cruise.

Day Three – Jolly Harbour Sailing School

The sailing school is also a fun camp it’s not just about sailing. Today the kids enjoyed board sports, swimming, and just goofing around on the water with the other kids.

Day Two – Jolly Harbour Sailing School

The second day at the Jolly Harbour Sailing School saw the whole crew cast off and sail of in a flotilla of training boats to a nearby beach called Five Islands. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Antigua and Barbuda are best accessible by water and this was definitely one of them. Secluded, pristine, and picturesque, it was the kind of beach that you make a post card out of. But then in Antigua and Barbuda so many beaches are. Once we got there it felt like we had been on a little bit of an adventure because it was the kids first time sailing for any distance.

Day One – Jolly Harbour Sailing School

My daughter Anisa was a little young for the sailing school and could only participate if I was present to act as her guardian for the day, but the lead instructor promised that my son Eric (who was old enough to take part fully) would be sailing on his own by the end of the day. The instructors were good at what they did. Kids Eric’s age don’t focus on much for long so it was amazing to see how he listened to every word with rapt attention the whole time. True to their word, they got him sailing on his own by the end of the day. He even took out his first passenger. Anisa on the other hand was perfectly content to stay in the shallows with a new friend she had made.

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