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During Antigua’s 2009 carnival I took a number of photos of people who played mas with the Solid Mas Troupe in the LIME Junior Carnival, Judging of Troupes, and Last Lap. The photos are now available for the personal and non-commercial use of all those who played mass with the Solid Mas troupe.

View instructions here:

Solid Mas players can view the photos online or get prints locally in Antigua or abroad by registering for a user name and password on my blog and then using that same username and password for the photo gallery at:

Any photos you see can be printed locally in Antigua at Photogenesis:

Soria Holder Managing Director
St. Mary Street
St. John’s Antigua
Tel: 268-562-5466
Fax: 268-562-9202

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3 comments on “Photographs of Carnival with Solid Mas – Prints Now Available

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  2. The link for Solid Mas Troupe gallery is not working!


    AndyEWilliams Reply:

    Hi Spence,
    I assumed everyone who wanted pictures had gotten them by now so I deleted the pictures since they were taking up so much disk space on my server. I'll update my site this week to remove all mention of pictures.


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