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Fishing in Antigua

My dad and I used to love to go fishing. We would both get so excited when we would catch a fish that the rare times we hooked into the “big one” we would invariably pull too hard from the urge to bring it in quickly lest it escape. From the strain of pulling too hard the line would break and from our eagerness to prevent the fish getting away we would bring on the heartbreaking escape that we were trying to avoid. How cruel is it that the only certain way you can enjoy the excitement of catching a big fish is to momentarily suppress that very same excitement and calmly reel it in!

Fishing in Ontario in the spring.

Fishing in Ontario in the spring.

“]Fishing in Ontario as the weather gets warmer.]

Fishing in Ontario as the weather gets warmer.

When my dad returned from Antigua this week, right before my upcoming trip, there was definitely a little excitement in his voice when he mentioned that he saw people fishing from the shore in Antigua. I didn’t need any encouragement from there. Being an independent soul and not owning a boat (though I do plan on taking advantage of one of Antigua’s excellent charter fishing boats at some point), surf casting is one of my favourite ways to fish. I love the big heavy rod, I love the two handed cast, and I love the wide open expectation of catching whatever is in the big blue Caribbean sea. My kids have always loved fishing too. Undoubtedly my enthusiasm is contagious. I hope to bring back some photos of us fishing. Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll even bring back some photos of fish.

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