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The Artist Stephen Murphy

Stephen Murphy at his art show in the Antigua and Barbuda Museum.

Stephen Murphy at his art show in the Antigua and Barbuda Museum.

Today we visited a showing of works by the artist Stephen Murphy. I had heard about Stephen Murphy from other artists on the island and I was eager to see his works and to learn more about the artist himself. When I met him I was intrigued to learn that he had spent some years in Toronto where I have spent many years as well. He knew some of the people I knew, and he looked strangelyfamiliar. We were never able to place our connection definitively though. I look forward to attending the wine and cheese event he has planned for tomorrow (August 1st) between the hours of 6 and 9 pm at the gallery which is located in the Antigua and Barbuda Museum.

After the show the kids and I went to Roti King where I was fascinated to note that Antiguans must be rich because even some of the skinniest patrons left lots of food on their plate. I’ve always thought of Antigua as the developing world, if not a third world nation. Contrary to what I’ve been told growing up, I guess people in the developing world do waste food too. Being who I am I wasted nothing but deeply savoured everything.

Meandering between stores that caught our interest, we slowly made our way back to the car. I had given the kids a little money to spend since they had been so good in cleaning up the house and in general staying out of my way this afternoon while I was working on the computer. Wandering through the confusion of stores in downtown St. John’s they soon learned to pick out the sweet shops and were quick to make use of their coins to buy lollys that lit up when they ate them. Children are connoiseurs of simple pleasures. Those lollys could have changed the streets to be paved with gold and still not have made them so happy.

Afterwards we tried to wander home a different route but as was probably inevitable we got lost. However when driving to the top of a hill to get our bearings we saw the layout of St. John’s below us. Noting the general area where we had been at Stephen Murphy’s gallery showing a short while before, we were able to get our bearings. Sometimes, all we need is a little perspective.

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