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Planned Beach picnics in Antigua

Some creativity will be required here. Kids these days (at least my kids) are more finicky than I remember myself being. I would always eat what was put in front of me. Or … wait a second … was I a finicky eater too? I guess the question isn’t important, what IS important is finding delicious, fun, and nutritious meals that maximize beach fun time by eliminating whining about hunger while, not being fussy or difficult to prepare. Fresh unpeeled fruits are a natural choice. Unpeeled because they stay fresher longer. Raisins, nuts and seeds are another great choice as they stand up to the sun. Bread, and certain cheeses are great too. The difficulty is with the choice of meat or poultry. Crispy bacon on sandwiches is always good. Cured meats on the other hand are best when they are the drier varieties such as pepperoni. Others that are not so dry can become a little unpleasant if they become warm. Lettuce, tomatoes and other fresh garnishes have to stay cool unless you want to test out your gag reflexes. We generally like to move around and so don’t like to bring big coolers. One trick we have that allows us to keep vegetables cool without having a big cooler is to use refrigerated lunch bags that can be slung over the shoulder. In these bags we put the fresh garnishes into one of the new Tupperware containers that come with an ice pack in them. We’ll see how this works out.

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