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York Regional Forests

Today we explored a few different hiking trails in the York Regional Forests which are large tracks of forested area just north of Toronto. For the kids the forest is fun but also potentially spooky,¬†perhaps because of imaginations running overtime conjuring up scenarios of encountering things unknown. But it’s also a place where city kids can run as fast as they want to, chuck rocks wherever they want to, and just be free to entertain themselves as kids do. We were also happy to discover a little wildness on this trip just an hour and a half north of the city, as along the path we found pristine streams with native brook trout swimming about. Wild (as opposed to stocked) brook trout are always special to me where I find them because they can only survive in streams that run clean, cold, well-oxygenated and silt free. These types of streams generally only come from relatively unspoiled natural areas so brook trout are themselves to me a symbol of wildness.

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