As a writer and photographer I travel between my life in Toronto, my life in Antigua, and anywhere else my wanderings may take me ... writing my books and enjoying local arts and adventures along the way.

Medieval Times

Back in Toronto the first entertainment event we attended was Medieval Times which is kind of a dinner theatre held in a replica castle. In the center of the castle there is an indoor arena where a king and a princess watch from a lofty parapet while knights battle fiercely with swords, maces, battle axes, and then joust on horseback to win honour in front of the king. All the while we in the audience ate a tasty meal of roasted chicken, ribs, garlic bread, and more from our assigned “wenches”. The knights played to the crowd shamelessly, throwing flowers to the girls in the crowd to roars of applause. My daughter caught a flower which she enjoyed immensely. My son was impressed at the sparks that flew as the metal swords crashed into each other. I was impressed at the speed and power of the horses and the precision of the riders. It was a fun night had by all.

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