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Jan Farara Art Exhibit at Al Porto

Especially since she’s one of the artists featured in my upcoming book “Amongst Artists in Antigua and Barbuda”, I was pleased to be able to attend Jan Farara’s art exhibit. Al Porto was a comfortably elegant setting for the exhibit, and as usual featured the well prepared food I’ve become accustomed to finding whenever I go there. Having picked up a few of those hors d’oeuvres we browsed the art works and chatted with the people we bumped into, including Jan herself as well as others we met. And you always meet the most interesting people at art exhibits. Having written about her I’ve come to recognize some elements of Jan’s style and having always appreciated that style I was pleased to have purchased one of Jan’s prints which we look forward to hanging.

But as with most affairs its sometimes the small things that make the occassion. This was no exception. One of the hors d’oeuvres served was a heart shaped pizza that immediately made Al Porto one of the kids favourite places on the island.

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