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The Annual White Fete in Antigua

Having been busy working with my editor on my latest book “Amongst Artists in Antigua and Barbuda” as well as having been swamped with preparations to launch the new website for the Caribbean Media Arts Cooperative, I’ve been a little I’ve been a little lax in blogging the last few months. But last night I came out of my self imposed isolation in spectacular style at the White Fete in Antigua. And this party which also goe by the name the “Caribbean Snowstorm” was undeniably spectacular. The evening was already going strong when local Antiguan and international songstress Tizzy blazed onto the stage in a white hot catsuit and took the party well over the top. Think Puffy Party in the Hamptons but instead of not being able to relax because of the uncomfortable media spotlight from all the celebrities around, you have the added bonus of being in “do as you like” Antigua. Beginning to get the idea? If not don’t fret. Being the helpful type of fella that I am I’ve provided some pictures to help you form a mental image of what for everyone present was a truly great night.

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