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On the Way to Joseph and Janet Jones' Exhibit at Harmony Hall

The trip to Harmony Hall was picturesque.

The trip to Harmony Hall was picturesque.

Today I went to¬†Harmony Hall which is Antigua’s most prestigious art gallery. Built on the ruins of an old plantation, its structure is a stunning work of stone nestled on a cliff, giving it a picturesque view. The gallery is a little out of the way, but the drive passes a really scenic lookout that’s worth stopping off at. The gallery also has a great restaurant overlooking that cliff so that patrons can enjoy lunch and a visit to the gallery together as a relaxing and stimulating day trip.

Joseph Jones and myself looking at some of his photographs that I especially liked.

Joseph Jones and myself looking at some of his photographs that I especially liked (photo courtesy of Sara Jones).

The exhibit “Oh Antigua and Barbuda”¬†being launched today was a collection of works by noted local photographers Joseph and Janet Jones. It was a candid and insightful glimpse into local life in Antigua and Barbuda as captured through the lenses of this talented husband and wife team. Photos such as “Sunday Morning at the Standpipe”, “A New Take on an Old Tradition”, and “The Pageant I” showed exactly what is unique about Antigua and Barbuda, while capturing people just going about the course of living life here. I appreciated this rare opportunity to see such an honest and sympathetic portrayal of local life … which was also somewhat of a time capsule since the aspects of life that it so touchingly captures, are also aspects of life that are rapidly changing here.

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