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Kites Interspersed by Clouds

As a boy in Antigua I used to fly kites in the cow pasture near our home on Browns Avenue. I believe the cow pasture is now gone as in front of the land where it was there is currently a Chinese take-out restaurant. The restaurant seems to me like a bird that has been blown so far off course it has no hope of returning; but having reconciled itself with where it is it’s come to love its new home. The restaurant seems to do good business.

I rarely see any kites in the air these days. Yet driving back to St. Johns from English Harbour today I looked up and was surprised to see the same six sided kites that a Rastaman taught me how to make when I was young. I pulled down the road the kites seemed to be flying above and saw a bunch of young boys gathered loosely around a snack stall at the entrance to a school yard. The kite strings seemed to emanate from the yard itself. One of the boys smiled and said very politely “good afternoon sir”. I returned the greeting, very impressed with his politeness.

I took a couple of photos of the kites lolling about in the sky and contemplated this pace of life enjoyed by some here, where a break in the day is plenty of time for the most enjoyable pursuit of nothing at all … like flying a kite.

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