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A Little Fishin' at Devil's Bridge in Antigua

A little fishing is a good reward for a productive day writing so after having had a couple¬†consecutive such days I figured I was due. Of course I didn’t count the fishing I did yesterday because I didn’t catch anything. Usually in the late afternoon¬†I head out to get some sun therapy (my name for lying in the sun) along with some exercise on the beach. But having convinced myself there was a big wahoo or barracuda close to shore that was waiting for me … I passed up my normal routine for the chance to cash in on my “go fishing in Antigua” card.

I’ve seen Devil’s bridge many times from the water on trips to the offshore islands but visiting it today from shore I got a chance to see how truly alien a landscape it is. The waves there crash against bare jagged rock with fearsome power. Ashton Williams, one of the leaders of the local Environmental Awareness Group, told me the story of how the place got it’s name. He said that in slavery days some black men and women would decide to end their suffering by walking into the sea there where they could never be rescued. Their masters, he said, were horrified at the loss of good stock and so came up with the story that anyone who walked off those cliffs would be leaving slavery only to commit themselves to the endless torment of hell. Thus the name “Devil’s Bridge”. Looking over the edge at the bone crushing surf and marrow splitting rocks, even now with the benefit of all my scientific training I was not certain that they were wrong.

But bridge to the Devil’s lair or not … the dream of catching a wild Antiguan wahoo was still calling me. I baited my hook and cast into the roiling surf … waiting to hook whatever was strong enough to brave those fearful natural forces.

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