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Horse Riding Tours to the Beach in Antigua

Horse riding in Antigua has got to be an adventure and a half.  Isolated trails seem less the norm than trails next to roadways where inexperienced riders have the comfort of knowing that the chase car can come get them if they decide to just stop off at any point. But just about everywhere is scenic in Antigua so a trail next to a road is a trail next to a road in paradise. Definitely a winning choice of excursion for today being Valentines day.

I wasn’t riding with the group today and met them by accident as I was leaving the beach. Seeing them was quite a coincidence as I had just heard a show about a “horse whisperer” on BBC radio and was thinking about how powerful a concept it was to watch a horse’s behavior and to respond to that behavior in a way that builds the horse’s trust and makes it want to do whats desired for it to do. No doubt a powerful concept not just with horses but with all living creatures … including humans.

However the tourists riding those horses today were very entertainingly not horse whisperers. As they tugged on the reins without any clear direction while verbally asking the horse to go that way, I smiled wondering if they knew that horses don’t speak English … or for that matter American. The handler who was on another horse himself gave the tourists patient and knowledgeable instructions. The tourists didn’t seem to hear ¬†him and instead repeated their instructions to the horse more slowly.

Eventually one tourist responded … asking the handler “can you tell him to turn”? By “him” the tourist meant the horse which of course was female. Perhaps it did understand and just took offense, or perhaps it decided that it’s rider wasn’t making any sense, whatever the reason it appeared to tune the tourist out as it noisily relieved itself then began to eat the tasty grass in front of it.

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