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Thankful in Antigua

Sunday morning church for the naturalist in you.

Sunday morning church in Antigua ... for the naturalist in you.

Today being Sunday, wherever you drive in Antigua¬†around the town of St. John’s or near any village ¬†you won’t be far from the sounds of church ringing out to you. Listening to those sounds you might hear the voice of a minister, or sometimes the voices of the community that live nearby. And in those church voices, depending on your connection to this place, you might hear “you are part of us, you should be here” … or in those same voices you might hear foreign noises that say nothing at all.

Antigua has without a doubt been stunningly blessed with the simple contentments of coral sand, warm waves, and bright sun. And it is blessed with so many truly friendly people. One day I may go to church to find community too. But today I’ve left the town and passed the villages to come to one of Antigua’s unspoiled beaches where I’ve found one of the most important things that one would hope to ever find in church and that one would hope to be lucky enough to pass on to one’s children. And that is thankfulness.

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