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My First Kitesurfing Lesson in Antigua

After watching local kitesurfing boy wonder Jake Kelsick and his dad Russell kitesurf so many times, it was inevitable that I’d want to try it. Firstly I wanted to try it because it looked like great fun, and secondly because I sometimes feel I’d be letting Antigua’s stunning natural gifts of wind and waves go to waste if I didn’t try the many water sports that the island has to offer.

Game for new adventures though I am, I still had the sense to listen to Russell when he asked that I start with a small kite. Not that there’s any danger of this photographer ending up midway across the island still clutching frantically to a big kite bound towards wherever the direction of the prevailing winds is taking it. Not so. It’s more a matter of possibly being embarrassed by the spectacle of being pulled a little unceremoniously by a big kite that you didn’t learn to control.

But learning the little things was enough for today. Little things like how to unroll the kite, pump it up, fasten the cords, getting instruction on how to control the kite, harnessing up, and how to launch the kite. I look forward to the next lesson and to the day soon when I’ll be out with a kite on the waves.

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