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Under the Sea in Antigua's Submarine

I’ve never been in a submarine before. Today I traveled under water on a submarine/submersible catamaran called the subcat. The subcat has two pontoons on either side of it that allow it to float on top the water and that make it a catamaran. When the subcat is floating on top the water the passengers may sit outside on chairs that are fixed to the platform that rests between the pontoons. When the subcat is ready to submerge the passengers get inside a water tight cabin between the pontoons and ballast water is taken into the ballast compartments so that the subcat sinks.

The craft was quite a technological marvel and I was told that it was one of only three such subcats in the world. Once we finally got out into deep enough water we all went into the cabin to make the trip under the waves. Having never dived before I was amazed to see how the colours of everyones clothes changed as we went deeper. Red clothes began to look purple. As part of the tour there is a diver on the outside of the craft who uses an underwater camera to take pictures of the passengers inside. It was neat to look through the port holes and see the diver outside feeding fish and taking pictures of us inside. I was told that although the visibility that day seemed good the visibility is even more excellent at other times. I was just happy to have a bright sunny day and such calm seas. With all that it was a perfect day for riding the subcat.

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