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Birds and Tarpon at Galley Bay in Antigua

After surfing I walked past the remnants of a mangrove swamp back to where my car was parked. Past resort construction had separated the swamp from the picturesque beach nearby, but disturbing the natural flow of water in such a way proved disastrous in many ways. Without water flowing the swamp became a stinking cesspool and without the mangroves the erosion of the beach has doubtlessly been severe.

But there are still remnants of wildlife in the area. As I walked back I saw tarpon rolling literally everywhere in the swamp. I wished I had my fly fishing rod with me. We also saw a number of waterfowl which my educated local friend identified for me. “These are whistling ducks” he said of the brown ducks we passed. “They are endangered but they’re starting to make a little  bit of a comeback”. He paused and looked at the ducks with more intense interest for a moment. “I tell you if I had my air rifle with me … man do they ever taste good” he added.

That comment sparked a conversation about conservation and sustainable use of resources. I’ll still come back with my fly rod and if I catch a tarpon I’ll practice catch and release since they are too full of bones to be considered edible. In any case tarpon aren’t endangered.

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