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Christmas Day in Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua and Barbuda

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[This cigar was a gift from a yachtie who'd traveled to Cuba. It got waterlogged and had to be wrapped in paper to hold it together ... but it was both given and received in the very best of spirits for Christmas.]

Nelson’s Dockyard is a popular place in Antigua for yachts to moor but the lively bars and cheap rum to be found in nearby English Harbor are only walking distance away and usually draw sailors like a magnet on most evenings … leaving Nelson’s Dockyard relatively quiet.

Today being Christmas day was very different. A big Christmas celebration was taking place in Nelson’s Dockyard and the lively Calypso music had drawn in locals and seafaring tourists from miles around to come and celebrate Christmas together in the historic Nelson’s Dockyard. For new arrivals to the island seeking a place where everyone is welcome to celebrate Christmas … or for locals looking for the same … it was a fine Antiguan celebration of the holiday. I was told by one of the yachties that there was even a champagne breakfast as well … but given the priority put here on celebration it’s little wonder that he found it to be “all champagne and no breakfast”.

The Christmas Party today was  being hosted by Women Against Rape, a local organization that offers education, counseling, and legal referrals for rape victims. I was told that some portion of the proceeds from every bottle of champagne sold was going towards supporting that organization.

Having spent much of my Christmas holidays in the icy clutches of the Canadian winter I found that the unique things about this Christmas celebration was the absence of even the thought of snow. Instead there were Christmas hats and outfits were everywhere. Another unique thing was that unlike what you would expect for a similar sized party in North America or in the UK … there were no police to be seen … and not even the hint of an argument to warrant the presence of any.

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  1. cathryn on said:

    The 'reefer' was a rather large broken Crand Canarian cigar which, as it was a little crushed by the trans atlantic crossing, was wrapped in a paper tissue – true


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