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Sister Sledge takes the Food and Drink Industry Party Over the Top

The Sugar Ridge Hotel

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The newly completed Sugar Ridge Hotel made a glamorous venue for the event.

Antigua has some interesting culinary choices and last night at the Food & Drink Industry party held at the Sugar Ridge hotel some of the best of those dishes were brought forth by the chefs on hand. And what goes well with food and drink? Well music of course! Disco diva’s Sister Sledge added even more glamor to the event when they showed up to perform “We are family”. The party was in full swing by that time but their appearance took the fete way over the top. The only downside to the event was that it ended a little early after everyone ate off all the gourmet food and drank off all the fine liquors slightly ahead of schedule. But all in all it was a well put together event.

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3 comments on “Sister Sledge takes the Food and Drink Industry Party Over the Top

  1. Karoll Williams on said:

    The FOOD and DRINK disappeared very quickly because of the surge of gatecrashing FREELOADERS which ended the party early for all of us that had paid $150 and $300 a ticket!!!!


  2. Gate crashers was a small part of it. No one took my ticket or any of my friends. Chefs not getting briefed, mismanaged staff, no contingency for bad weather, unfinished venue, underestimation of what would be consumed. It started at 5:00 PM. 800 people came for dinner. And let's face it, the management needs to stay sober.


  3. AndyEWilliams on said:

    I missed seeing the surge of freeloaders. It seemed to me that most people had something to eat there during the dinner hour, but when you get to 11:00 people start to get hungry again … and if the party would have gone even later people would have started to get hungry yet again. The difference for the organizers between serving one meal and potentially serving three meals is … bankruptcy and debtors court! The level of interest generated by the party was amazing though so I can see that lots more people would have wanted to come than were able to get tickets. Looks like an opportunity to me … perhaps next time the organizers could charge for food and drink after 9:00 or 10:00 pm and then charge a lower admission for those who come at that time or later. Still … a party where the biggest complaint is that all these things prevented it from lasting longer … that says something good about the time you had while you were there … yes?


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