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Yoga in Antigua

Antigua’s warm climate and picturesque views are perfect for yoga outdoors. Today instead of my usual solo exercise on the beach I did a class with local yoga instructor Leilani Griffing of Chakra Bodyworks in Antigua. Leilani came to Antigua from Hawaii and has been in Antigua now for over a decade.

Why yoga you ask? A number of years ago a sports medicine specialist told me that I could likely get rid of knee and back pain I had at the time if I did certain strength and flexibility exercises. In the long term the improved body alignment that comes with yoga is far better for various aches and pains┬áthan any medicine. In addition it’s great daily practice for maintaining focus and not getting distracted by the “noise” of everyday life.

If you’re in Antigua and looking to do yoga Leilani’s website is below:

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