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At The Show "Sex Relationships And Sometimes ... Love"


Left: audience member, center: Beverley Ellis (actor), right: Rory Davies (actor)

Let’s Talk About …

Talking about sex and relationships is always entertaining and on occasion entertainingly awkward. The monologue show “Sex Relationships And Sometimes … Love” entertained with perspectives on these subjects that spanned cultures and in certain cases such as that of one mildly predatory older woman in a relationship with a younger man … the perspectives of the characters also spanned generations. Through the candid details of their relationships the characters shared the challenges, pitfalls, and sometimes easy money … involved in matters of the body and of the heart.


Left: audience member, center: Uriel Campbell (actor), right: Roger Dundas (producer)


Left: audience member, right: Sandy Duarte (actor)

And Now for Something Completely New
The venue was an absolutely unique theatre experience for me. Held on the stage of a licensed bar, at the end of the show the director invited the crowd to stay, enjoy a drink and some music, and to feel free to mingle with the cast of players. The show brought in an attractive crowd and at the end of the show many in the crowd decided to do exactly that … mingle and enjoy a few drinks to a mix of soul and classic hip-hop.


Left: Erica Levene (actor), right: Nikki Clarke (publicist)


Left: actor Gregory Cruikshank, right: actor Uriel Campbell


Left: Ryan Singh (director), right: audience member


Actors Claudia Yiu (left), Raymond Ho (center), Sandy Duarte (right)


Actors Sandy Duarte (left), Erica Levene (right)

The monologues show “Sex Relationships And Sometimes … Love” is playing in Toronto for the next two weekends from today.

Sun, Nov 1, 2009 @ 6pm & 8pm
Sun, Nov 8, 2009 @ 6pm & 8pm

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