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Getting Quotes for the Trip

Great Expectations

I was excited after reading on an article on as well as a great budget travel guide written by Brian of about how round the world (RTW) tickets can be purchased for about the same price as a return fare. I then Googled for “Round the World Airfare” to find travel agents who specialize in this type of fare. I found three online travel agents that I submitted quotes to. These were:

Flight Centre:

Airtreks Travel:


I was able to submit my preferred itinerary to Flight Central as well as to Airtreks Travel. I wasn’t able to get my itinerary submitted to Oneworld. The web based flight planning tool for Oneworld required that I select dates for the flights before sending the itinerary to an agent. However the tool could not find any available dates for some of the flights so I couldn’t submit the itinerary to an agent. I’m waiting for a response from both Flight Centre and Airtreks travel.

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