As a writer and photographer I travel between my life in Toronto, my life in Antigua, and anywhere else my wanderings may take me ... writing my books and enjoying local arts and adventures along the way.

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Buying Ingredients for Pepperpot in the St. John’s Market

The first stall I visited where I bought some delicious peppers.

To I went to the Saturday morning produce market in St. John’s, Antigua to photograph the sights and atmosphere of the market and to get all the ingredients to make the traditional West Indian dish called “pepperpot”.

Basketball on an Outdoor Court in Antigua

Last Saturday at the healthy living conference I met a Rastaman named “Mozambique”. As he was laid back and easy to talk to I took an immediate liking to him. He looked very active. When I asked him what he did to stay in such good shape he answered “I like to play basketball”. Being a baller from long time myself I immediately sized him up to see whether he might be able to guard me. My first guess was likely not. I could feel trash talk already welling up in me and about to pass my lips. But given that this conference was full of very centered and spiritual types I kept the “street” in me to myself. But I did exchange numbers with him and promised to meet him and his buddies the next morning on the Clare Hall basketball court near my home. I had survived the conference with my sense of peace and goodwill intact. Just as I turned to go my new found friend  called out after me “I hope I see you there … you don’t have to make any excuses if you feel your game is too weak and you feel afraid to come down … I’ll understand”.

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This Dashing Photographer at the Helm of an Unbeatable Racing Yacht

This Photographer

Marshall, the real skipper who piloted the boat through most of the race told me that the other boat committed certain “irregularities” and that commensurate penalties would be applied to that boat. I asked what the penalties were. He smiled and mentioned something about a debt of beer or rum. After all … this is the caribbean.

Driving Beef Cattle in Antigua and Barbuda

I saw a herd of cattle being driven past my car. I grabbed my camera and waded into the thick of them.

Flowers Commonly Seen in Antigua and Barbuda

Pink Desert Rose

One of the things I remember most about the time I spent in Antigua during my childhood are seeing flowers everywhere around my Grandparent’s house.

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