As a writer and photographer I travel between my life in Toronto, my life in Antigua, and anywhere else my wanderings may take me ... writing my books and enjoying local arts and adventures along the way.

Great Bird Island near Antigua and Barbuda

Photographing birds on a snorkeling adventure to Great Bird Island with Antigua Adventure.

Another Day at the Beach in Antigua

Another day at Jabberwock beach in Antigua.

Horse on the Beach

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The Wrong Part of Town in Antigua and Barbuda

Everyplace is safe in Antigua during the day. But this sign seems to indicate that some areas in town might be a little more problematic at night.

Recalling My Interview with Antiguan Artist Mark Brown

Reflecting on the insights gained during my interview with Antiguan Artist Mark Brown.

Snorkeling and Grilled Lobster Shore Lunch with Creole Cruises

A snorkeling excursion to Great Bird Island off the coast of Antigua where guests enjoyed a great lunch of fresh grilled Caribbean lobsters.

Sister Sledge takes the Food and Drink Industry Party Over the Top

Antigua has some interesting culinary choices and last night at the Food & Drink Industry party held at the Sugar Ridge hotel some of the best of those dishes were brought forth by the chefs on hand. And what goes well with food and drink? That would be music from disco diva’s Sister Sledge.

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