As a writer and photographer I travel between my life in Toronto, my life in Antigua, and anywhere else my wanderings may take me ... writing my books and enjoying local arts and adventures along the way.

Vicarious Middle-Aged Skateboarding Adventures in the City

There is only one free way to get high.

I had a flashback of one night many years ago when I was out drinking with the buddies. I stopped a kid I saw with a skateboard and telling him I used to be a great skater I promised that I’d show him some old school moves. Soon afterwards I found myself laid out on my back in the street despite being dressed in a suit and tie that night. I saw that look in the young dudes eyes and I knew it was over.

Urban Adventures in High Park

An iron sculpture of a sunflower peeks out from the middle of a garden.

From my viewpoint, Toronto’s High Park fills a similar role to the city as New York’s Central Park does to the big apple. It’s an absolutely massive park in the city and it’s a hub of activity . After not having actually walked through it for years, today found us in the park recovering from the crash landings of our plane amidst Indian burial ground protests and gun brandishing film makers. A great urban adventure.

Don Valley Brickworks

The Don Valley Brickworks hosts many activies during the summer. The Saturday morning farmers market is a real treat in the heart of the city.

This weekend the kids and I went bicycling on the beautiful trails that pass through the Don Valley Brickworks and that extend through to the Toronto beaches other green spaces right across the city. Big plans are in the works for the Brickworks, and we could see the evidence of those plans all around. But it was the wildlife that captivated us.

Travelling for Personal Growth Part IV

Make the best of things

Travel changes our physical environment and allows us to see the world with fresh eyes. When travelling remaining open to following where the moment leads and making the best of new situations.

Travelling for Personal Growth Part III

We all have some predisposition to get locked into the same groove. We can’t always reason our way out of it ourselves, but it’s good to recognize that we don’t always have to.

Travelling for Personal Growth Part II

My previous post asked whether any one of us knows the difference between what we can and cannot control even in our own behaviour. The first part of the answer is that the truth lies somewhere between the two extremes of being completely within your control and completely in the hands of fate. The second part is that it’s not a bad thing that the exact line where control ends and fate takes over is different for everyone and that we discover the location of that line for ourselves as we go along.

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