As a writer and photographer I travel between my life in Toronto, my life in Antigua, and anywhere else my wanderings may take me ... writing my books and enjoying local arts and adventures along the way.

Bicycling at Center Island

The first step towards an adventure is taking the first step.

Centre Island and the rest of the islands in the Toronto Island Park have for me always been one of the aspects of Toronto that I’ve most treasured. Other cities have parks, but few others have such scenic and serene ones.

Toronto Buskerfest

Theatre District

This weekend Toronto’s St. Lawrence market, which is downtown close to the theatre district, was home to the Toronto Buskerfest.

Remembering when I was young at the CNE

We passed the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) on the way down to the CNE. The Michael-Lee Crystal building looks like a fallen piece of glass embedded in the ancient stone buildings of the surrounding neighborhood. It

When I was young, I lived for a time in downtown Toronto’s Parkdale area near one of the gates of the CNE. Being only a block or two from the entrance to the CNE we were on the doorstep to just about the most breathlessly wonderful place on earth where every summer night while it was open, the smells and sounds of the Canadian National Exhibition sweetened my dreams.

Antiguan Authors in Toronto

For years it has always been one of my favorite small bookstores in the city.

With the Antigua & Barbuda International Literary Festival coming up in November, when I found myself in the neighborhood of A Different Booklist.

Photographs of Carnival with Solid Mas – Prints Now Available

Solid Mas players can view the photos online or get prints locally in Antigua or abroad by registering for a user name and password on my blog and then using that same username and password for the photo gallery at:

Toronto’s Quiet Flair for the Extraordinary Statement

The yard is an eerily forbidding place at night.

But this afternoon I had planned the short break of meeting up with fellow photographer Michael Beckley and to compare notes on one of the things we love to do best … and that is shooting anything that catches our eye just for the hell of it.

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