As a writer and photographer I travel between my life in Toronto, my life in Antigua, and anywhere else my wanderings may take me ... writing my books and enjoying local arts and adventures along the way.

John’s Pizza


In the town of St. John’s, Antigua on Market Street and across from the Royal Bank there is a small pizza shop with doors of turquoise.

Antigua’s Environmental Awareness Group

Joseph and Donald were well informed and very personable, a thoroughly enjoyable combination of traits.

Today I took the kids to sign up with me for on an expedition to watch Turtles hatching at Jumbie Bay.

The Beach Restaurant at Dickenson Bay

The Siboney Ginger Ale we were served appeared to be bottled in Antigua. The inclusion of a local beverage was a nice touch.

Antigua is reputed to have over three hundred and sixty five beaches. During our summer in Antigua we are committed to seeing as many as we like. Today we were on a quest to see Dickenson Bay. As mentioned in a previous post, I recently acquired two maps of Antigua from The Map Shop on St. Mary’s Street in the capital of Antigua, St. John’s. With my new map in hand I had no trouble finding Dickenson Bay. We spent the morning liming (doing nothing in particular) but had worked up an appetite doing so. We were glad to find The Beach Restaurant open when we got to the beach after 5:00 pm. We enjoyed the food, atmosphere, and service immensely (see my review on And the sailboat bouncing gently on the waves in front of us reminded us that the beach was waiting after our meal. The restaurant was directly adjacent to the beautiful Sandals Resort in Antigua. As we were leaving the restaurant I saw only my second pair of white crowned pigeons in nearly two weeks. Thirty years ago when I was last in Antigua they were very common. Today I wondered whether this pair was one of the last. I wonder what is behind their drop in numbers.

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Traveling on Serendipity

The pier was solid enough for people to walk on but had an uneven surface and was pockmarked by holes big enough for a horse to fall through.

Whenever I start out with a specific destination in mind in Antigua and Barbuda, I can’t rely on finding it, but I have on the other hand been very successful in continuing to rely on serendipity to find something of interest before me.

The Big Banana

The pizza was just plain delicious. We enjoyed our fresh, crisp salad too.  I was happy we didn’t have to lapse from our regular habit of eating fresh salad or vegetables with all our meals.

After getting into town I asked where I could get a quick bite. The people I asked took one look at my two kids in tow and immediately suggested the Big Banana restaurant. I knew it would be family friendly without further questions.

Roy Humphries Auto Mechanic Shop

If anyone has the skill to be respected as the “ninja” among auto mechanics ...

I had use of a car while in Antigua. When the car required regular servicing. I was lucky enough to have a Roy Humphries, a trusted mechanic, in the Claire Hall/Upper Gambles area and right around the corner from me.

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