As a writer and photographer I travel between my life in Toronto, my life in Antigua, and anywhere else my wanderings may take me ... writing my books and enjoying local arts and adventures along the way.

Antiguan Mongoose

I’m determined to get a good photo of a mongoose. I’ve seen five so far but all of them were moving so quickly that I never got a chance to take out my camera until today when we were coming from the beach at near dusk and a mongoose ran across the road a little slower than usual and then paused on the other side to look at us.

Sarah Fuller’s Pottery Studio

Each sconce may be fitted with a source of illumination that will pass light through the top and sides.

When I got to the pottery studio I met Sarah Fuller and her pottery studio manager Ray. Sarah and Ray work together to produce Sarah’s pottery designs, which Sarah then paints using powder glazes that she custom mixes. When we got to chatting Sarah mentioned in passing her history of sailing. While she was talking my eye caught the variations of turquoise and blue glazes on the ceramic wall sconces she had created. For me it was as if the moods of Antigua’s part of the Caribbean Sea had followed her into the pottery studio.

Vegetarianism in Antigua

The vegetarian meal was colourful. I found its different textures to be beautiful both visually as well as in culinary terms.

Today I went to the studio of Edison Liburd, another painter whom I’m interviewing for my book. His wife very graciously offered myself and my kids to partake in their vegetarian meal.

Hanging out with Kitesurf Antigua

The height he attained was breathtaking.

When we got to Jabberwock beach even from a distance away we could see the huge vibrantly colored kite sails that were suspended by thin cords in the air over the beach. The kites belonged to Kitesurf Antigua, a local Kite surfing outfit.

Solid International Mas Troupe

The costumes leave plenty of room for the viewer

The store was on our way home. Every day when we passed by its open doors we saw the vibrantly colored and glittering sequin costumes and we would be reminded that carnival was coming soon to transform Antigua as it does every year. Tonight we had come home a little earlier than usual, and had time I reckoned for one more stop, so seeing the doors open I called out a greeting and walked in. It was a store selling costumes for the upcoming carnival in Antigua. Renelle, a young woman in her twenties, was busy in the store making measurements on fabric to be sewn into costumes. I asked her whether she had ever taken part in the carnival parade or “played mas” as the locals say. She told me she had first played mas at the age of two and had continued to do so ever since. I asked her whether my kids and I could jump up with the band as well. She assured me that I could, in fact she said, her troupe even took orders for costumes over the web. Most of the store’s customers she said are locals and Antiguans who are coming home for Carnival, but they also have people from abroad purchasing costumes to come take part in the celebrations. All are welcome.

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Roti King

Kilroy said "it

Though I had just gotten pizza for my kids, for myself I wanted to try some more traditional local fare. I was nearby the place where I parked my car off High Street and Corn Alley in downtown St. John’s and recognized a street vendor whom I then asked for recommendations.

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