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2010 Antigua and Barbuda Carnival – Last Lap

When the parades pass you recognize that some of the mas bands represent other islands like Dominica, and Haiti. A big melting pot all enjoying Antiguan Carnival.

J’ouvert – 2010 Antigua and Barbuda Carnival

This year I actually played Jouvert Mas rather than take pictures. Even if you’re just staying in Antigua for a short time, with the place being so small, when you’re playing mas you’ll likely end up saying a friendly hello to a few people you’ve met while enjoying yourself dancing between the music truck and the drinks truck as both roll along the parade route until morning.

Antigua Carnival 2010 – Judging of Troupes

When the troupes make their way to the Antigua Carnival Recreation Ground stadium the stage literally comes alive when each band gets their turn to come onstage and impress the judges. Antiguans and Barbudans take carnival seriously and neither man, woman, nor child leaves without having enjoyed their full share of playing mas for the evening.

Eric Photos – Antigua Carnival 2010 – Judging of Troupes

Last year was his first Carnival in Antigua and this year it was all still new so I imagine it took quite a bit of nerve stepping past the crowd to photograph Antigua and Barbuda Carnival on his own even though he was always under the watchful eye of his grandmother.

Last Lap of Antigua 2009 Carnival

The final day of carnival is called Last Lap. For Last Lap the separate parades of Carnival (including the children’s parade) come together into a single final parade.

Judging of the Bands

Chandy, Brian and others that helped organize the troupe didn’t play mas (join the parade) today. Today was for making sure all their troupe arrived at the right place at the right time, had their costumes, and were fed and refreshed.

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