As a writer and photographer I travel between my life in Toronto, my life in Antigua, and anywhere else my wanderings may take me ... writing my books and enjoying local arts and adventures along the way.

Chilling at the Seabreeze Cafe in English Harbour, Antigua

Great view of English Harbour, fast wifi internet, and comfortable chairs, not to mention good coffee and gelato.

Come to the Seabreeze Cafe for the fast and free WiFi internet access, the beautiful view of the yachts in English Harbour, and the comfortable chairs. Stay for the good coffee and gelato.

Come to Russell’s Bar & Seafood at Fort James in Antigua for the Sunset

Of Russell’s Bar & Seafood restaurant at Fort James, in Antigua one prominent local said “What I come for is the unique view best experienced at Sunset”.

The Nest Beach Bar

The tables were breezy and comfortable.

The setting was stunningly picturesque. A gentle sea breeze blowing through the restaurant kept it free of the flying pests that are one of the few botherations that I’ve been met with during my travels in Antigua

Paradise Cafe

The staff was friendly and accommodating when explaining the items on the menu to me.

In downtown St. Johns there are a number of places to eat. The Paradise Café is the epitome of a place that caters to locals. It serves local foods, chicken roti, chicken patties, fried chicken leg quarters, fried dumplings (also called bakes), and the ever present green salad. And it serves them at local prices. We got served our food very quickly by the friendly staff. Though my kids are thoroughly North American and often hesitate before tackling any food that isn’t recognizably a pizza, hamburger, or hotdog, I had no such problem at the Paradise Café. They dug into their food and I didn’t hear from them again until they were full.

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Chris on the Grill

These fish are known locally as shellfish. When roasted on the grill they are something special.

I asked one of the cooks what makes his barbecue so good. He laughed, and said “I love what I do. You can taste that in the food”

Sweet T’s

The ice cream cone on the sign promises refreshingly cold and sweet treats which they without question deliver.

Not far from Nelson’s Dockyard, we found Sweet T’s, a restaurant that a number of locals had enthusiastically referred us to.

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