Anthology of Words
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Anthology of Words is a book of poetry written by a working group of poets with roots in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Each authorís poetry is preceded by a revealing and insightful commentary on their approach to it. Vivid imagery and the raw yet moving simplicity of their metaphor create a link between the works of these talented writers and the times and places that brought them together.
In the rum shop
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In the Rum Shop and Other Flash Fiction is a collection of lively stories from the rare perspective of a boy who has not only emigrated back to the islands in the reverse direction of so many other countrymen and women, but who also sees the world with eyes much more ancient than his own. The stories are excerpted from the author's upcoming novel Ghosts of Our Ancestors, which preserves the cadence and language of these shorter pieces, while drawing them out into a more sustained work of powerfully vivid and enduring imagery.
Andy E. Williams
Andy E. Williams
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